About the Citizenship by Investment Unit

About the CBIU

Introduced in 1993 by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, our Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the longest-running economic citizenship programmes in the world. The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) is the Government authority that deals with all matters regarding citizenship by investment in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Throughout more than 20 years, the Government has remained firmly committed to the Programme and has made consistent and substantive improvements to the quality of its offering.

The Government recognises that private investment has a major role to play in mobilising and realising Dominica’s potential, and that the Citizenship by Investment Programme is an opportunity to encourage foreign direct investment and to facilitate growth in the private sector. Over time, this will result in a framework of modern, diversified, sustainable, and resilient economic structures to respond to the realities of a highly competitive global environment.

The Government, and our team at the CBIU, is dedicated to strengthening our Citizenship by Investment Programme and to seeing Dominica’s economy flourish. In concert with the Government, we hope you will embrace Dominica’s potential, and come to love our people and our way of life. We hope that you will be encouraged to participate in our Programme, and we welcome you to become part of Dominica’s global community.